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  1. Dear Mr. Perkins,
    Oh my goodness this is by far the most entertaining book i have read in a while before i knew it I was on chapter 14 and it was 11:00 and the day way almost half gone. good thing I had planned to miss church this morning for unrelated reasons this gave me the time to read and that I have enjoied.
    this is like going home
    thanks for this great book

  2. Char,

    If I get a call from your Pastor…I’m showing him your post! LOL.

    Glad you’re enjoying the book (are you on I or II?)

    Lord knows, they kept me up plenty of nights…



  3. http://www.dalecarlile.com

    Hi Ya,
    Its not fair. Cassie deserved to know that Willie was a decendant of Little Songbird. You better fix it in book three and where is book three. We want it now! It really is hard to put the Shoalwater books down. We really enjoyed them and like the attention you pay to the little details. Your details of places on the west coast rivals the detail of Louis L’Mour. If he said a spring was there it was. It appears to hold true with your work. We really do look forward to your next book.
    Dale & Shannon Carlile

  4. Dale & Shannon,

    So glad you enjoyed the books and, yes, I struggled with the whole Cassie/Willie/Songbird relationship as well, but in the end I wanted to give Willie something special just for her. After what I put the poor old lady through, she deserved it, lol!

    Who knows, all things may be revealed someday…there are plenty of secrets left on Shoalwater Bay…



  5. Perry,
    thanks for stopping on my Clermont Christian Writers group blog–I love free books too! Nice to meet another Chicken soup writer:)) And how cool to find your story on video!!

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and especially for your very kind and encouraging comments. You really made my day, and I look forward to reading your work!

  7. Hi Perry,

    I would love to follow you and send you a welcome message but those buttons are not on your twitter page. so guess this is the only way to do it. Nice to see a name I recognize on my screen.



  8. Lauraine,

    Honored to have you drop by, Vic just finished “Ruby” and loved it just as much the second time. She can’t wait to get the next in your series.

    I’m still a Twitter newbie, lol, so I’m not sure about a “welcome button” but my ID is PerksBooks.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  9. I recently read a short story attributed to you in Sasee magazine (April issue). It was titled “My Oldest and Dearest” and was very touching and beautifully written. Since the story is not about you, is it fiction or is it about someone you know?

  10. Letty,

    Thank you so much for your note! I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

    It’s a true story, which I wrote on behalf of my mother and based on her own experiences.

    Since my mother has been in Heaven almost 20 years, I may have taken some poetic license with a detail or two, lol, but the names and basics of the story (the picture, the fire, and finding Mrs. Vick) are true to life. The rest is a accurate as my oft’ questionable memory allowed.



  11. Perry;

    I was reading your instructions on cooking ribs in a La Caja China Box…

    If I read it right…all in all it took about 4 + hours to cook the ribs..right?

    Thank you, Will

  12. Dear Perry, I just read your article, “Whatever I want” in my Today’s Dietitian Sept.E-Newsletter(yes, I am a Registered Dietitian). Aside from your writing style being very easy to connect with (very visual)… your reflection, honesty, and your willingness to reveal yourself to your readers was quite touching. I sat down after getting the kids in bed, tired, thinking I’d check my e-mail quick before shutting down and ended up with tears in my eyes. I feel compelled to thank you for telling your story and touching my heart. I wish you and that little boy well. Jan

    • Jan,

      I’m so sorry I missed your comment earlier. Thank you so much for your post! It really means a lot to know that folks are getting something from the things I write.



  13. I got such a laugh reading your Camping article in the Escapees magazine today. Had to tear it out to send to my daughter and son-in-law, since they’re still in the tent camping phase and I (yea!) travel in a motorhome. I remember those long ago tent camping days, though! I’ll look for your books! Joanne

  14. Joanne,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the story!



  15. Perry– the site looks great! Really polished! Congrats on your new release!

    • Christy!

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading your book!


  16. Hey there! I just finished reading your story, ” Poor Charlie Marks” in Reflection’s Edge and really liked it. It was such an original and emotionally wrenching piece that held my interest all the way through. Got anything else? I have a feeling I’m gonna be seeing one of your works on a theatre marquee someday…keep it up!

    Best, John

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