Building a readership via Twitter

February 17, 2010

Hey all,

A number of folks have emailed asking if I can re-post my recent series, “Using Twitter to build a readership” as a single post, with links to all four parts.

Here you go:

In Using Twitter to build a readership – Part One, we talk about the importance of using Twitter as part of an author’s social marketing plan.

In Part Two, we discuss the importance of having a blog or website to link to, and the 80/20 Plan of tweeting, to insure that you are a value to your readers.

In Part Three, I offer some tips and tricks to finding targeted followers, getting them to follow you, and keeping them long-term.

In my final post on using Twitter to build a readership, we look at what is probably the most important element in developing a long-term following, and turning those followers into customers: Being an expert!

Also, here’s a great related article, “Creating a readership list” by Dwight Clough.

Happy to answer any questions, just post them below!



Novelist, blogger, and award winning travel writer, Perry P. Perkins is a stay-at-home dad who lives with his wife Victoria and their two-year-old daughter Grace, in the Pacific Northwest. Perry has written for hundreds of magazines including Writer’s Digest and Guideposts.  His inspirational stories have been included in twelve Chicken Soup anthologies, as well.

His books include the novels Just Past Oysterville, and Shoalwater Voices, and his new humor collection, Elk Hunters Don’t Cry. Perry is the Portland Writing Examiner, and you can read more of his work at http://www.pdxwrite.com, and on twitter at: http://twitter.com/PerksBooks

He also writes as the Portland Fatherhood Examiner at: www.pdxdads.com

Perry’s books are available at Amazon.com


Now Taking Pre-Orders for Four From Left Field

February 16, 2010

Dearest Reader,

We’re now taking pre-orders for my upcoming short story collection, “Four From Left Field.”

I’m very excited about the release of this collection, which includes some of my favorite stories that just didn’t quite fit anywhere else.

Four From Left Field

A short story collection

It was not the great atomic bombs of the nineteen-fifties, or the horror
of nuclear conflagration. No, the end of the world came with celebration,
and stargazing, and the pop of countless champagne corks.

Somewhere along the Pacific Crest Trail, Horatio Nolan Smith,
trail-name Rat, missed the whole thing.


In The Light at the End of the Tunnel, Cal Taylor’s hunting trip becomes
a fight for survival, as he battles the shadowy demons of his past, and the
all-too-real predator that stalks him through the wilderness.


Endeavor to Eden offers a terrifying glimpse of Earth’s near future, where
a last handful of men and women make a desperate attempt to escape the
“new order” that would hunt them to extinction.


Allana Jenkins sacrificed her career to see that her once-loving husband
realize his dream of becoming a lawyer, but now that he’s successful, she
finds herself trapped as the wife-done-wrong.  In her desperation, she’s
approached by an old woman whose power is both compelling and
mysterious, who suggests a solution she’s never considered before.

From adulterous lawyers to world killing comets, from an genderless future society, to man-eating grizzlies, Four From Left Field is a collection of my more bizarre flights of fancy…none of which have anything to do with baseball.

These stories are a little edgier than my novels, have less fur than my hunting stories, and offer a little something for everyone.

I’ve set up a PayPal link for Paypal Members or credit card orders. (You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this link.) If you would rather pay by check, please print this page, include your name and shipping address, and remit with $9.95 + $2.50 shipping for the first copy (for additional copies shipping = $1.00 each) to the address below.

Estimated release date is February 24th.

Thank you!



Book Title: Four From Left Field

Name…………………………………………………       Copies @ $9.95 = ………


City……………………………………………………          S&H:                 +    2.50*

State……………………………….        Zip………………….

Total Enclosed     ………………

Please make checks payable to PerryPerkinsBooks, and mail to:

PO Box 21
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Paperback, 5.25″ x 8″. 180 pp., retail $9.95. Please add the following for shipping: USA US $2.50 for the first book*, US$1.00 per each additional copy.  Canada US$5.00 for the first book, US$2.00 per each additional copy. For all other countries please add US$8.00 for the first book, US$3.00 per each additional copy. For orders outside the U.S.A., credit card payments only.


And the winner is…(and round 2)

February 11, 2010

Okay, so it started out a close race, but by the finish, there was a pretty clear favorite.

The winning cover, but nearly 30 votes is…#1!

The drawing winners are…

Glen Harman
Jemima Geisert
Jeff Musgrove
Wendy Caplan

Please send me an email with you shipping address, and I will send you a free, autographed copy of “Elk Hunter’s Don’t Cry.” Estimated release date is February 24th. Congrats!

Now, since I received so much great feedback on the first round, I’m going to offer one more free copy for round two.

We had a number of comments in regards to:

1. Background color
2. Font
3. Subtitle (and I wholeheartedly agree…)

So, here are several options of Cover #1.  Feel free to mix and match…

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Cover Contest: four from left field

February 4, 2010

Hey everyone!

A number of folks mentioned, when I released Elk Hunters Don’t Cry in November, that “hunting and fishing stories” just weren’t their genre.

So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together four of my favorite stories from over the years, pieces a little too long for the magazines, and a little too short to be a novella, and am proud to announce the release of “four from left field.”

Contest rules are the same as before. Place your vote, and I’ll pull 4 names at random from the winning cover, and each of those folks get a free autographed copy!

Here’s the Foreword (and a brief explanation of the title):

four from left field is a collection of my more bizarre flights of fancy, none of which has anything to do with baseball.  Not that I am unfamiliar with the game, far from it.  I donned rubber cleats and a uniform every summer of my rapidly fading childhood.

More than baseball, I am particularly familiar with left field.

This is where harried coaches all across America stick the kids that can’t play, on the assumption that most little leaguers can’t pop a fly that far, and despite the old adage, they usually assume correctly.

I was, of course, that kid.

So, I daydreamed.

I daydreamed the first chapter of a thousand not-so-great American novels, between the blue sky and the green grass, waiting those interminable little-league innings for the sides to switch so I could pick up a bat and be struck out.

A chubby kid with bad eyes and worse coordination, I discovered my imagination, and salvation from the sheer, mind-numbing boredom, in left field.

Do I regret the lack of glory? Not a bit.

For, though I was never carried off the field on my teammate’s shoulders, and never trotted the bases for a home run, I came away with something infinitely more valuable.

The dreams and visions I put to paper now may not be the same as the Technicolor odysseys that filled my younger eyes, but the seed from which these words come once fell to ground, rooted and grew tall in left field.

From lawyer killing wives to world killing comets, from an asexual future society, to man-eating grizzlies, four from left field is little edgier than my novels, has less fur than my hunting stories, and offers a little something for everyone.

Okay, so given that…here are the cover options. Please reply below with your choice (and maybe a quick explanation of your choice), email it to me at perry@perryperkinsbooks.com, or send me a tweet at http://twitter.com/PerksBooks

I’ll announce winners soon!

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover #4

Cover #5


Thank you for reading!

January 28, 2010


I just want to say a big Thank You! to everyone who downloaded the free e-copy of my novel, “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One.” Your response was wonderful! I expected a few takers…and got over 300!

In fact, to make that “thank you” a little more meaningful, I want to offer each of you a couple of specials:

1. If you enjoyed the e-book version of “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One” and would like to add a hard-copy to your library, here’s a special coupon code you can use to order it directly from my publisher at 20% off the cover-price: XN9PNUF4

Just go to this page: https://www.createspace.com/3418052 and enter the code above to get your discount.

2. If you enjoyed reading about Cassie, and her adventures, in Just Past Oysterville, I think you’ll love sharing her further adventures in “Shoalwater Voices: Shoalwater Book Two.” Here’s a 50% off coupon code to download the e-book! – SD97Y

Just go to this page: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7907 and enter the code above to get your discount.

Lastly, if you’ve had a chance to finish reading book one, could you do me a HUGE favor, and post a review on Amazon.com?

Positive reviews really make a big difference in turning browsers into buyers! Here’s the link: Amazon Reviews

Thank you all so much!


PS – If any of the dishes mentioned in Just Past Oysterville made your mouth water, check out: The Shoalwater Cookbook: Incredible Edibles from the Shoalwater Books


Portland Writing Examiner

January 3, 2010

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been asked to be the Portland Writing Examiner, over at Examiner.com!

This new page will be devoted to freelance writers and will include book reviews, links to the latest news and articles, guidelines, author call-outs, and interviews with favorite writers. Always looking for guest writers as well, and happy to link back to blogs and websites!

So…please drop by for and visit and make use of the subscribe link on my new page! – www.pdxwrite.com




Operation eBook Drop

December 18, 2009

Hey all,

As you may have read in my earlier post, I recently uploaded several of my books to the eBook store, Smashwords (the rest are coming soon!)

Back in September, Smashwords author Ed Patterson met a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq who wanted to download ebooks for his Kindle, yet Whispernet (Amazon’s wireless download service) didn’t work in Iraq.

Ed offered to email the soldier all 13 of his ebooks, for free. The soldier gratefully accepted.

Following the chance encounter with the soldier, Ed, himself an Army veteran, queried other indie authors on the Kindleboards message boards, asking if they too would be willing to offer their ebooks for free to troops deployed overseas.

In a matter of days, about twenty authors volunteered their books. Almost immediately, Ed began receiving additional requests for ebooks from soldiers and their families.

Ed and some of the authors started using Smashwords as the platform for distributing the ebooks to soldiers. Using the Smashwords Coupon Generator feature, authors are emailing 100%-off coupons to the soldiers.

All coalition military personnel deployed overseas who need multi-format ebooks are eligible. According to Ed, “If you’re overseas and away from your home and loved ones, your dependence on reading might increase – and so we a gifting you ebooks for Kindle, Sony, iPhone, Blackberry etc.” For free ebooks, please email Ed at the address above. Please note that the ebooks you receive may be shared with fellow deployed service members, but may not be distributed or shared elsewhere. Please also consider the coupon codes you receive as privileged information, not to be shared elsewhere. The participating authors are pleased to offer you their books.

You can learn more at the official website, or at the Smashwords forum.

I started sending out emails with my coupon codes to troops today, about fifty or so. If you know anyone who is serving (or is a veteran), feel free to have them email me at perry@perryperkinsbooks.com and I would be honored to send them the codes to download my titles for free.