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“The Newbie”

June 10, 2009


“The Newbie” by Perry P. Perkins

Published in Inside Line, June 2009

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What it Takes to be a Great Dad

June 9, 2009


Originally titled, “4 Myth-Busters for New Dads” by Perry P. Perkins

Published in Connecticut Parent Magazine, June 2009

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“Becoming a Father”

June 4, 2009


Published in Parent:Wise Austin Magazine June, 2009.

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A Tribute to Phlash

May 27, 2009

Letter To A Friend

Published by “The Bark” May, 2009.


“Endeavor to Eden” – A Short Story

May 25, 2009

The Book of Exodi by Michael K. Eidson

Eposic is proud to bring you 19 short stories of speculative fiction, by 19 different authors, on the theme of mass exodus. Inside you will find stories about generation ships, faster than light travel, teleportation portals and devices, failing suns and economies, devastating wars, over-population, alien invasions, and extreme prejudice. The genres represented span the speculative fiction spectrum, from cyberpunk to science fiction to fantasy. Story authors: Neal F. Guye, Anita Ensal, N. E. Chenier, Max Gladstone, Christina Lea, Ken St. Andre, James Hartley, Lyn McConchie, Harry Turtledove, Lancer Kind, Perry P. Perkins, Jeffery Scott Sims, Mark Onspaugh, Stephen Kotowych, Z.S. Adani, Bob Brown, Michael C. Lea, Jennifer Greylyn, and David Michael Elk. Introduction: Harry Turtledove. Poetry and Cover art: David L. Eidson. Illustrators: Jeff Freels, Michelle Rose Pedro, Gynn Stella, and Michael K. Eidson. Editor: Michael K. Eidson.

Paperback: 340 pages. Publisher: Eposic (May 20, 2009). Language: English. ISBN-10: 1936075008

Excerpt from “Endeavor to Eden” by Perry P. Perkins:

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“A Woman Like You” – Unsent Letters

May 20, 2009


Published by Unsent Letters, May 17, 2009


Camp Smoke Recipes

May 15, 2009

These are the additional recipes that I promised in my outdoor article, “Camp Smoke.”