New Business Book Release and Special Offer

June 16, 2010

New Book For Those Considering Moving From the Employed to the Self-employed:

Starting Your Own Business?
10 Questions to Consider Before Investing a Dime.

Portland, Ore. – Elk Mountain announces the release of P. Griffith Lindell’s newest book written for those considering the move from being employed-by-others to being self-employed.

172 pages
ISBN: 1451547110
Perfect bound

“Starting Your own Business,” marketed in cooperation with Amazon.com (www.griffs10.com), provides the reader with a unique set of assessment tools and a process for considering the critical issues each person must address if they are to become a successful business person.

Each of the ten chapters also include sections for documenting progress toward particular business and personal goals, and a methodology for documenting what is learned.

A final assessment tool for each chapter follows at the end of the book, and weighs each issue by an “importance factor.”

“As a small businessman, I know that it is easy to put off answering the questions that Griff asks readers to consider to help them protect their savings, their lifestyle and their relationships in the pursuit of their business dream,” says Elk Mountain Editor-in-chief, Perry Perkins.

“A masterful book that combines unique self-assessment tools with personal wisdom and entrepreneurial knowledge that goes far beyond the traditional entrepreneurial text. Lindell’s

sound advice and practical know-how, built on theoretically sound entrepreneurial principles, is a must read for anyone starting or operating a new business.”

– Dr. Deborah V. Brazeal, Cal Poly University Professor, Entrepreneur and Author

Your Personal Offer

If you would like to order a copy of “Starting Your Own Business?” for yourself, or to share this book with friends and family – please help us build our Amazon.com campaign and order TODAY June 16, 2010 – our book’s official release date.

Books may then be purchased at http://www.griffs10.com (My author’s page on Amazon.com.)

You were thinking of ordering a copy or two, right?

As a special THANK YOU for your friendship and support, go to http://www.griffsreports.com today for your free download of Six Tips on Public Speaking – use this code: AD27N. You probably know someone who has a fear of public speaking and could use this resource.


If you decide to buy two or more copies, please send me (perry@perryperkinsbooks.com) a confirmation copy of your order from Amazon.com, and as an additional THANK YOU, I will send you any 3 of Griff’s eReports FREE (a $14.85 value). http://www.griffsreports.com

Thank you each for your support with this book project.


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