Building a readership via Twitter

February 17, 2010

Hey all,

A number of folks have emailed asking if I can re-post my recent series, “Using Twitter to build a readership” as a single post, with links to all four parts.

Here you go:

In Using Twitter to build a readership – Part One, we talk about the importance of using Twitter as part of an author’s social marketing plan.

In Part Two, we discuss the importance of having a blog or website to link to, and the 80/20 Plan of tweeting, to insure that you are a value to your readers.

In Part Three, I offer some tips and tricks to finding targeted followers, getting them to follow you, and keeping them long-term.

In my final post on using Twitter to build a readership, we look at what is probably the most important element in developing a long-term following, and turning those followers into customers: Being an expert!

Also, here’s a great related article, “Creating a readership list” by Dwight Clough.

Happy to answer any questions, just post them below!



Novelist, blogger, and award winning travel writer, Perry P. Perkins is a stay-at-home dad who lives with his wife Victoria and their two-year-old daughter Grace, in the Pacific Northwest. Perry has written for hundreds of magazines including Writer’s Digest and Guideposts.  His inspirational stories have been included in twelve Chicken Soup anthologies, as well.

His books include the novels Just Past Oysterville, and Shoalwater Voices, and his new humor collection, Elk Hunters Don’t Cry. Perry is the Portland Writing Examiner, and you can read more of his work at http://www.pdxwrite.com, and on twitter at: http://twitter.com/PerksBooks

He also writes as the Portland Fatherhood Examiner at: www.pdxdads.com

Perry’s books are available at Amazon.com


One comment

  1. I just read your article in Writer’s Digest about doing the math for successful freelancing. I really appreciate your advice for query letters. That’s where I’m stuck; the whole process is terribly intimidating. So I’m glad when I find very specific information about what works.

    Since the article was so helpful, I had to come check out your blog. Learning how to use Twitter is on my list of things to do, so I’m glad to see you have it covered!

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