And the winner is…(and round 2)

February 11, 2010

Okay, so it started out a close race, but by the finish, there was a pretty clear favorite.

The winning cover, but nearly 30 votes is…#1!

The drawing winners are…

Glen Harman
Jemima Geisert
Jeff Musgrove
Wendy Caplan

Please send me an email with you shipping address, and I will send you a free, autographed copy of “Elk Hunter’s Don’t Cry.” Estimated release date is February 24th. Congrats!

Now, since I received so much great feedback on the first round, I’m going to offer one more free copy for round two.

We had a number of comments in regards to:

1. Background color
2. Font
3. Subtitle (and I wholeheartedly agree…)

So, here are several options of Cover #1.  Feel free to mix and match…

I’ll draw another winner from the new comments on Monday.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Thanks guys, you’re the best!


AAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnd…by popular demand, here are a couple of “mixed cap, sepia tone, cool color” options, lol:

Option 6

Option 7

Don’t hate me, but I really like this one…



  1. None.
    Use Leading Caps on Big Words Only

    Four From Left Field (larger size, sans font)
    A short story collection (smaller font, so it matches the width of the title, either sans font or a serif font, possibly in a slightly lighter color)

    Author as in option 4 – no italics

    go for a stronger color – red, orange, yellow (in that order)
    also, you could use a sepia color on the photo to make it look older and more ‘nostalgic’.


    • I still like #1 the best. Too many words often get passed over. Maybe put the “second” title “short story, etc” in a much smaller font underneath. If someone picks up the book for the main title then they will instantly read the second one. If they pass it by then nothing gets read. The green background is easy on the eyes and “friendly” . This also gets people to pick it up. Whether or not it should be in all caps or caps beginning main words is moot to me. All lower case looks…uh…sloppy and just doesn’t attract; at least not in this case in my opinion.

      • I agree with Amy and since she said exactly what I was going to say, I won’t type anymore! 🙂

  2. I like option #5- The fonts are ok but it’s the color that seems to blend well with the image etc.
    I actually like the way the very first image at the top of this page reads. (not one of your options)


  3. I don’t like the all Caps or all lower-case. I think leading caps on big words is the way to go. No italics!!!! The subtitle should be in a smaller font and possible a bit removed (possibly under your name) from the title.

    I think that sepia tone for the photo is a great idea.

    I think a green for the color is a good idea, but choose one that is more of a grass tone.

  4. I like the font on #1. It’s cleaner and easier to read. But I like the color on #5.

  5. Sorry, I guess I should have clarified a couple of things, lol.

    1. The original image (at the top of the post) is still an option.

    2. What you see is what you get. These are the options I have as far as text and fonts. Colors are negotiable.


  6. Sepia would be wonderful.

    I agree with Mr. Waugh when it comes to the font style.

    As far as color goes, I dislike number four.
    Just remember that colors opposite each other on the color wheel contrast and therefore coordinate. (Red & Green, Purple & Orange, Blue & Yellow, ect.) You can balance a warm tone (sepia)with a cool color (green, blue, or purple [please not purple.])

    Another color theory option is to do what you did with the other covers. Stick with one group of related hues and accent them with very dark areas, which you already have in the background of the photo. So, if you decide to go with the sepia, a mid to dark old red would be great for the background block.

  7. I feel like I’m at the eye doctor! Number one, or number two? Ummmm, Number one? (Thinking they look the same but wanting so bad the approval of my doctor). That being said, NUMBER 5 is my choice. (I hope that’s the right one!)

  8. Okay, so what background color is going to go with sepia photo?

  9. I like the title font best on #5, but the author’s name is clearest on #4. If I had to pick one–I’d go with #5. Can you lighten the color–it’s so bright in contrast to the photo? I wonder if tan would be better.

  10. Option 7 is getting there
    the sepia is oversaturated (on my color-corrected monitor)
    the sub-head is still a bit big
    (sub heads should be supporting info that is read as a completely secondary item)
    I might try making the lead cap a drop-cap (that’s been shown to improve readership in regular copy)
    The green is too dark to read the black lettering at a distance.

    See how picky I am?
    ‘course that’s what i do for a living…

  11. FYI…the sepia on #7 got washed out in the upload for some reason. The actual cover photo looks exactly like #6

  12. They are both off…Do you see the color of that fence in the bachground of #6? Try to match that color and then darken it. Think moss, not grass.

  13. LOL!!!! Me too! The old gold is awesome!

  14. I personally like option 5

  15. Option 5 it is I like the picture the choice of colour and the font. If I were to see this collection on a store shelf in any book store it would be option 5 I’d pick for my purchase.

  16. Red stripe, white font w. blue outline and a black and white picture

    baseball is still America’s pastime so incorporate the colors

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