Thank you for reading!

January 28, 2010


I just want to say a big Thank You! to everyone who downloaded the free e-copy of my novel, “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One.” Your response was wonderful! I expected a few takers…and got over 300!

In fact, to make that “thank you” a little more meaningful, I want to offer each of you a couple of specials:

1. If you enjoyed the e-book version of “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One” and would like to add a hard-copy to your library, here’s a special coupon code you can use to order it directly from my publisher at 20% off the cover-price: XN9PNUF4

Just go to this page: https://www.createspace.com/3418052 and enter the code above to get your discount.

2. If you enjoyed reading about Cassie, and her adventures, in Just Past Oysterville, I think you’ll love sharing her further adventures in “Shoalwater Voices: Shoalwater Book Two.” Here’s a 50% off coupon code to download the e-book! – SD97Y

Just go to this page: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7907 and enter the code above to get your discount.

Lastly, if you’ve had a chance to finish reading book one, could you do me a HUGE favor, and post a review on Amazon.com?

Positive reviews really make a big difference in turning browsers into buyers! Here’s the link: Amazon Reviews

Thank you all so much!


PS – If any of the dishes mentioned in Just Past Oysterville made your mouth water, check out: The Shoalwater Cookbook: Incredible Edibles from the Shoalwater Books



  1. Hi Perry,
    We exchanged messages a short time ago on Twitter. I asked about writing for the Examiner. I am now the Ft. Collins Women’s Business Examiner – thanks! I would love to get your read on whether you think it’s worth your time. ROI?

    Melissa Dutmers

  2. Melissa,

    That’s great! Make sure to post your Examiner link here so folks can visit and subscribe!

    If you’re looking to Examiner as an income stream, it needs to be a long term goal. I think that the compensation plan is solid and will reach a “critical mass” when you have enough articles posted and enough subscribers.

    What this number is, I don’t know yet, but I think that once the point is reached, your readership will go viral and begin to grow exponentially.

    Twitter has been a big part of my own marketing plan, and you can see the articles I’ve posted about that at http://www.pdxwrite.com

    Congrats on the gig!


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