Elk Hunters Don’t Cry – Cover Contest

November 13, 2009

Okay everyone…I need your help…

For my upcoming outdoor humor collection, “Elk Hunters Don’t Cry”, I’ve narrowed the possible covers down to five six, and I just can’t make up my mind!

So, here’s the deal. Post a comment below as to which cover you like the best, and maybe give a short reason why you picked it. I’ll tally the votes next week, and everyone who voted for the winner will have there name put in a hat. The first three names I draw get a free copy of the book!

Oh, and don’t bother to count votes, because I’ve got folks emailing and Tweeting their opions too…lol.

Here are the cover options:

#1 – Rustic


#2 – Peaceful


#3 – Shadowplay


#4 – Wild West


#5 – Forest


#6 – Rustic Elk


From the back cover:

Elk Hunters Don’t Cry: An Outdoor Collection

19 humorous, poignant, and sometimes absurd adventures of a Pacific Northwest sportsman.

“It’s a well-known fact that outdoorsmen, elk hunters in particular, don’t cry.

In fact, not so many years ago this was considered a badge of honor, a mark of courage for young hunters to aspire to as they watched their fathers and uncles grimace manfully in the face of pain.

I’ve seen several of my own hunting friends take tumbles in rocky riverbeds, gash themselves with skinning knives, and char various portions of their anatomies in campfires…all without a single tear.

Some of them defoliated large tracts of national forest with white-hot profanity, but none ever cried…”

You can also email me your vote at perry@perryperkinsbooks.com

Thanks all!




  1. I like the rustic one…I think it would have wider appeal, and it’s not cookie cutter. Some of the other ones are too targeted and may cause casual browsers at Barnes & Noble to pass it by.

  2. I vote for #2 Peaceful. Well the picture is in fact peaceful and a lot of elk hunting is just that. I think that is why so many enjoy it. The picture, because it is so peaceful, does not detract from the title of the book. I would be more likely to buy this book with this cover because of how it made me feel. Reading is peaceful.

  3. It was a tough decision between #1 Rustic and #5 Forest….but the winner is #1 Rustic. I just like the look of it.

  4. I vote for #2 Peaceful. I like the way the picture spans both cover and back. It gives you the feel that it is just you and nature. I like this one only slightly better than #1 Rustic which has a different feel to it. But my vote is for #2 unless I get extra credit for choosing both, you what just put me down voting for all five that way I am in the drawings no matter which wins. Seriously I vote #2, I think. Wow this was fun, what am I supposed to be writting about? Oh ya #2 Peaceful.

  5. I like the first one. It’s the best balance between title and picture. Number 5 is good too but title block is too small.

  6. #5 forest gets my vote. It looks more like where you live and hunt than the others.

  7. I like #1 with #5 a close second

  8. Number one is very cool!, but I would have to say number 5 is a runner up..

  9. To my eye the composition of number one is off, three & four are boring, and five is too Blue Ridge Mountains. Number two feels right.

  10. Number 1 is great!! Its modern and eye catching. Number 2 is a bit Man from Snowy River, 3 is: Little House on the Prarie, and 4: a bit Bonanzaish. Not that I’m knockin any of them! 5 was nice toooo but grand prize goes to fresh and funky numero uno.

  11. #5 is my favorite…
    #1 is my second favorite…

    I like the collage of number one but the trees/forest/multiple vistas wins the day.

  12. I like Forest a lot, but I am not crazy about the font for the title it’s a little too girly. If it had a more “manly” font it would be a hands down winner. 🙂
    Rustic is a close second. I think it is more modern and would maybe be a little more eye catching at a book store, but I love my trees so I have to stick with Forest.
    Love the author photo by the way.

  13. I go with #5. Although I don’t see what any of them have to do with where the elk are. The blue color is appealing and in the Oregonian in “The Edge” column 52% of men said their favorite color was blue. Are you trying to take over for the author (I can’t remember his name) that writes humorous camp stories?

  14. Dean,

    That would be Pat McManus, my all-time favorite humor writer. I wish! LOL

    Btw, you can’y get pictures of “where the elk are” because it’s in another dimension that hunters are unable to travel to…

    #5 actually looks very much like where I hunt in NE Oregon.


  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Perry P. Perkins, Perry P. Perkins. Perry P. Perkins said: Cover contest. Need ur help picking cover for my new book! 3 will win a free copy. Details/covers: http://tinyurl.com/ybmjvyn – Pls RT […]

  16. I like number 5. we go bow hunting and this looks like elk country. I would be drawn to this cover at the book store.

  17. I like Number 5–Forest because that’s where I envision Elk Hunters going to hunt the elusive mystical creature. Could #4’s title font be used, however. The font on #5 is very romantic fiction novelish.

  18. No font changes, what you see is what you get.

  19. Okay, everyone…don’t hate me.

    I’m going to add one more, a last minute inclusion.

    It will be listed as #6 – Rustic Elk

    I’ll add it into the original post right now.

    If it changes you’re vote, let me know. If not, do nothing, and I’ll keep you’re vote the same as it was…


  20. The first one!! Love it 🙂

  21. I like #6 but it doesn’t trump #5…

  22. I like #6 – Rustic Elk the best. I think it best portrays the subject AND has a more light hearted feeling to the design. Just my 2 cents…

  23. #6 for sure

  24. Still like #1 but #6 may have over taken #5

  25. Switch my vote to #6. The comp of that one is perfect and the photo is just plain lovely. Showing an actual elk will appeal to nature lovers, mushy-gushy animal lovers, and real hunters who lust after that adventure/prize/kill (the person shopping for the hunter will know that as well.)

  26. I like the Rustic Elk. Very cool, Perry!

  27. I would like #1 combined with #6 – you must have an ELK on this cover! But also, after reading the comments and thinking about your target audience of men and their taste for blue, #5 would be good with an ELK and change of font. In any case, you must have your photo on the back cover.

    Doreen Berns Gorans

  28. Okay, something to keep in mind…my “target audience” is men, HOWEVER… the book will most likely be bought by women FOR men. This is, classically, how it seems to work.

    So, I need to balance the male-oriented content with a cover that will appeal to both, but if I have to favor one gender, it needs to be women, they they will, by far, be the larger purchasing market.


  29. I like # 6 None of the others attracted me to read what was inside.

  30. I think you should use the elk picture from #6 with the style of #2 or #5.

  31. Just a thought. Find an Elk farm and get your picture taken with a monster elk towering over you eating grain out of your hair. Then use that for your picture.

  32. My vote is for #6. Although I must admit, before you added #6 I was going to go for #5. I like having just the title and author on the front and then the explanation, “An Outdoor Collection” on the back rather than the way the words are set up on #5 and I think the font is better. But…the blue definitely caught my eye first.

  33. Now that’s what was missing. Big horns always make things better.

  34. Amen, Brutha!

  35. Drew…um…I’ll get right on that…

  36. Easy choice for me! The BLUE one!

  37. I pick #6!

  38. I like #6 Rustic Elk. It’s different and has that old time feel to it.

  39. I agree with someone who said #6, but with your picture on the back. When you are as stunningly handsome as you are, you have to use it to your advantage. Sex sells man- use what God gave you stud!

    When I read the little excerpt you put at the beginning I pictured a cartoon cover of a man in excruciating pain, but trying not to cry, and maybe an Elk watching on, giggling.

    #6 really is gorgeous though. I just don’t think funny when I see it.


  40. #6–Rustic Elk–final answer.

  41. #6 it is modern, and actually has an elk. #1 as a runner up.

  42. I LIKE SHADOW PLAY AND FOREST. # 3 and #5. white should be out, it would get too dirty sitting in the bathroom and man handled.

  43. I like number six. It makes me feel all happy inside.

    • Jeff,

      I find your feelings about elk to be…disturbing.



  44. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by PerksBooks: Cover contest. Need ur help picking cover for my new book! 3 will win a free copy. Details/covers: http://tinyurl.com/ybmjvyn – Pls RT…

  45. Now that it is almost time for Perry to count the votes…

    Dean, I don’t like disagreeing with you, but…

    I read some research data a long time ago, in a fertility tips book, which indicated that when asked men will usually say that they prefer the color blue. Nevertheless, the data actually showed that men respond best to very pale seashell pink.

    After reading that information I painted my bedroom walls a hue of that color. A year later I was rewarded with a son.

  46. There actually was a “hot pink” cover option that I thought would be pretty funny, but my friends harass me enough without be lobbing them softballs like that, lol!

  47. Nah…Hot pink is only suitable for baby yarn & toenail polish.

  48. Book Cover Contest Winners!

    Okay, the final count was…

    #1 – Rustic: 6 votes
    #2 – Peaceful: 3 votes
    #3 – Shadowplay: 1 votes
    #4 – Wild West: 0 votes
    #5 – Forest: 6 votes
    #6 – Rustic Elk: 23 votes (This was my favorite too!)

    And the winners are…

    Kathleen J. Smith
    Chris Renner
    Di Anderson

    Congratulations! Please send me your mailing address and you’re free copy of “Elk Hunter’s Don’t Cry” will go in the mail as soon as they arrive!

    Books shoudl arrive here the first week of December, and will go out immedietly.

    Thanks for your help everyone, this was a lot of fun!


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