YOUR OUTLOOK by C. Hope Clark

May 12, 2009


Misery seems to love company. I’ve received so many emails from readers who have been taken advantage of by magazines and publishers in recent months. They seem to be multiplying.

Especially in these weird economic times, we feel the need to complain. After all, who has anything to cheer about? If we walked into the office, a classroom or the local bar and said it’s a great day, someone would throw something at us.

Much of the reason we become freelance writers evolves around taking control of our lives. Many employees, working for a boss, feel as though they’re living a life scripted or prescribed by others. We dream of taking the leap, so we run the show.

So why aren’t we?

We choreograph our own dance. What’s to stop you from saying you won’t take the negative anymore? Here are my suggestions:

1. Turn off the news. Reporters become almost orgasmic over the dropping Dow, a crooked CEO or a misspoken politician. As the pundits yell and announce late-breaking financial disasters, our blood pressures spike. Mute them out of your day.

2. Get away. I know you can’t afford a vacation. Go to the bookstore or the library. I go outside. Change your environment to brainstorm about what you can do differently with your writing career. Come home and note dates, deadlines and measurable benchmarks to determine your success.

3. Let it pass. If an editor hasn’t paid you, and the cost of pursuing the publication outweighs the payment owed you, let it go. Write it off your taxes. Don’t rant for days on every blog you subscribe to. It won’t make you feel better.

4. Quit complaining. When we dwell on the bad, the mindset hangs like a low, gray winter cloud over our heads. Stop every negative comment. For some weird reason, we love gathering with like souls to rant about what’s wrong in our lives. We love to talk about everything screwed up or malfunctioning from the weather to prices, from politics to religion, from the neighbors to our coworkers, from our

friends and relatives to people we don’t even know. Remember curse jars? Set up a jar and put a nickel in it each time you put down anything or anyone.

For some reason, we want to prove to people we’re having a tough time. What’s wrong with showing people we’re actually okay? How about content? It’s not trendy to be happy, and that’s sad.

Start conversations with good ideas, notions of success or comments of something pleasant. The positive will instill confidence in you, in others, and empower you to make the best of 2009. You might find this year is when you recreated yourself into something better.

 – Hope

 C. Hope Clark



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