What it takes to Succeed

March 23, 2009

Hey all,

I hope you all caught the great webinar tonight with Jeremy Deeble. A lot of what was shared with familiar material, but one thing Jeremy talked about really jumped out at me.

He talked about the three things it takes to succeed:

1. DESIRE – ACN (or anyone else) can’t teach us desire, we have to WANT it.

2. WORK ETHIC – We have to come to the table willing to work…hard.

3. COACH-ABILITY – We have to be coachable, and open to accepting that there may be a better way to succeed. There is a system in place, we just need to work the system. For some of us, “coach-ability” might be a nice way of saying “hu-mility.”

That’s it…that’s what it takes to build a successful ACN business!

Note several things that are NOT on that list:

…a college degree
…a successful business history
…gifted leadership skills
…expensive clothes
…a million dollar home
…a massive network of successful friends
…lots of money to invest

Are these things important? Sure! (Well, some of them.) Some of these might make it easier, might help your business grow faster, but none of them are a pre-requirement.

One statement that I overhead at the Anaheim International was that ACN is a personal development plan – with a compensation plan attached to it. If we’re coachable, there are people in the business who have the skills we need to build our business (as well as success principles in all areas of our lives) and who are personally committed to each one of us to teach those skills…as often as it takes…for free…as long as we’re coachable.

By the way…a quick Google search on “Leadership Training” found multiple one-day trainings costing between $199.99 – $997.00 (think Saturday trainings), and three-day seminars (similar to our International Trainings) running between $1995.00 – $2095.00.

Incidentally, none of these trainings, some offered by the very same professionals who are the key-note speakers for ACN events, offer a compensation plan. They just give you the information and leave it up to YOU to go find a way to make money with it!

ACN gives us the tools, the step-by-step plan, AND the compensation…while we learn.

All we need are three things.



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