Need a Great Resume?

February 5, 2009

Looking for a job or hoping to get a promotion?

In the business world, first impressions are everything, and that means the first step toward your new career is a polished, professional, and purposeful resume.

A good resume is more than just a list of names and dates, a great resume conveys your skills, your passion, and your value to a specific employer, for a specific position.

I am a professional writer, and copy editor, with experience in Human Resources and resume writing. I am proficient in Microsoft Word, have high-speed internet, and use professional resume software, followed by a line edit for every resume.


Rates for resume writers vary according to location as well as the type of resume being prepared. However, it’s not uncommon to be charged $50.00 or more for a resume rewrite and $100.00 or more for a resume prepared from scratch.

PPB Editing charges a flat rate of $25 for rewrites and $50 for preparing a resume from scratch.

After ten years of reading resumes and hiring applicants (or not), I know what employers are looking for!



PPB Editing Service

PO Box 21

Wilsonville, Oregon 97070


*Payment in advance, is accepted by check or PayPal.


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