Rough Waters, a Novel.

January 30, 2008

Rough Waters
Genre: Christian Mystery
by Perry P. Perkins


Something bad is happening in the forests above White River…

Ex-police officer Garret Neighbors has come to the tiny logging community of White River Oregon to escape the horror of an accidental shooting.  Falling back on his seminary degree, he’s taken a job with the local community church. 

Garret, haunted by nightmares of his past, finds himself struggling under the leadership of a despondent pastor. After the rush and clamor of the big city, White River seems hopelessly backward and stagnate. Soon, Garret is befriended by Sirena, the young deputy sheriff, and T.J., a former elder of the church, now the community’s crusty recluse. 

Sirena has come home to take care of her troublesome younger brother, following the death of their parents.  Having given up hope of escaping White River herself, she now dreams of helping Shawn get out.

Garret begins hearing rumors regarding the disappearance of former assistant pastor, whose position he has replaced, and his relationship with local logging magnate Frank Barrons, who rules White River with an iron fist.

Soon, Garret’s police instincts take over and he finds himself embroiled in a mystery that reaches to the very heart of the community, threatening not only his life but also the lives of his new friends as well.  

With the help of his reluctant mentor, Garret must overcome the pain of his past and accept that not only has God forgiven him; he must forgive himself as well.

Only then can he hope to stop the terrifying events that plague his new home, and bring to light a web of murder and deceit that extends far beyond the borders of White River.


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