The Expectant Father by Armin Brott

December 4, 2006


Over the last several months, I’ve read six of the most “popular” books on pregnancy and was surprisingly disappointed with the role that “Daddy” seems to take in our society.

The Expectant Father” by Armin Brott remains, by far, the best father-to-be pregnancy and childbirth book I’ve read.

I found this author’s attitude on the roles and responsibilities of the father to be insightful and refreshing. Brott dismisses the stereotypical “Neanderthal husband” attitude and gets down to the nuts and bolts of how to be the best husband and father a man can be being during this wonderful, confusing, and sometimes frightening adventure of pregnancy and parenthood.

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for several years and, after some medical intervention, we are now beginning our third month of pregnancy. I’ve read “The Expectant Father” twice, cover-to-cover, and am now taking it a chapter at a time as our miracle progresses.

Thank you. Mr. Brott for this series, it is invaluable, and inspirational.

Mothers-to-be get it for your man, Daddy’s-to-be get it for yourself, your partner and you coming child!



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